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The Orchard at Operation Ton #12

May 7, 2019

OPERATION TON #12 // Photos by: Alexander Schiephake, Ilona Henne and Simon Heydorn

As an active leader in the digital music space, our team members often participate in panels and conferences from small to large to discuss a variety of topics around the world.

Recently, many members of our local team in Germany were featured at the two day conference known as Operation Ton #12 held at resonanzraum and Medienbunker in Hamburg. In figures, the event drew almost 700 visitors, 60 speakers and 40 programme items and was the most extensive in the event’s history. The varied workshops, lively discussions, performances, readings and artist talks on the resonanzraum stage were well attended and praised.

OPERATION TON #12 // Photos by: Alexander Schiephake,