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The Orchard Unveils Enhanced OrchardGo App To Empower Artists

May 27, 2020

New York, NY – May 27, 2020 – The Orchard today rolled out a new feature set for its mobile app OrchardGo, now available on both iOS and Android. The additional features will enable artists and their teams to strategically release new music based on an artist’s social landscape. The app’s initial launch allowed labels distributed by The Orchard to view playlist placements in real time, view track performance data, and pinpoint markets with key fan demographics. With new, enhanced capabilities, the app now gives artists a full, comprehensive view of their social engagement footprint and market visibility compared to other artists.

Artists can control, discover and message directly through social platforms via the app to find and engage with their biggest fans, even pinpointing fans by locations. The app monitors fan’s top interactions in algorithmic order through social posts, hashtags, follower count and geography. Additionally, OrchardGo actively monitors and alerts app users to view social media trends – indicating when and why artists are trending. This provides opportunities to engage with fans in real time.

With social media usage at an all-time high, OrchardGo’s capabilities deliver custom and meaningful connections with fans. Teams are able to make informative decisions and strategies, making it easier to plan releases and marketing campaigns.

“The Orchard is always working to empower the creative community by providing the best products and services in the market,” said Jacob Fowler, Chief Technology Officer, The Orchard. “The latest OrchardGo features shift from the apps in the marketplace that are focused on sales metrics and playlisting, to instead allow artists to find and directly engage with their fans. These features enable artists and their teams to develop more intricate promotional strategies for releases, making the possibility of reaching new audiences endless.”

About The Orchard
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