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The Orchard Signs Exclusive Distribution Partnership with Taihe Music Group in China

Sep 19, 2016

This comprehensive deal will bring The Orchard’s catalog to local Chinese digital services and Taihe Music Group’s music to all international outlets ex-China.

New York, NY & Singapore – September 19, 2016 – The Orchard, a pioneering independent music, film and TV distribution company, and Taihe Music Group (TMG), the largest label group and music service provider in China, have partnered in an exclusive digital deal that will bring The Orchard’s complete music catalog to a wide selection of Chinese services and TMG’s local catalog internationally outside of China. The Orchard first entered the Chinese market in 2014 and strengthening its reach into local retail is the next phase of its strategy. The Orchard’s music will now be available on services including Ali Music, Kugou, Kuwo, NetEase Cloud Music, QQ Music and Baidu Music, which TMG owns.

“We have been monitoring the Chinese market and its enormous potential for years now, waiting for the perfect opportunity for a strong entrance” says Tom Wheeley, VP of Global Business Development at The Orchard. “Working with Taihe Music Group to mutually expand the reach of our artists and labels is exciting not only because of the new audiences we stand to connect with, but also because TMG are as relentless champions of independent music as we are.”

Taihe Music Group represents the leading C-Pop artists in the country through top labels Taihe Rye Music and Ocean Butterflies Music as well as Touch Music Publishing. The group also recently merged with Baidu Music, the largest Chinese-language music search platform, making TMG the most comprehensive music company in the country. Artists including Chen Jieyi (陈洁仪), Xu Song (许嵩), Fang Datong (方大同) and Zhang Shaohan (张韶涵) will land on international streaming and download services ex-China via The Orchard, which now represents one of the most extensive catalogs of Chinese labels outside of China.

“The Orchard, with its strong global distribution channels and transparent reporting, has been on our radar for several years,” says Michael Tseng (曾志中), GM of International Digital Music at TMG. “We completely trust them to bring the best C-Pop music to the world outside of China.”

“We are very excited for this win-win partnership and foresee it will be a significant milestone for the global digital music industry,” says Qianshimu (钱实穆), CEO of TMG.

With a population of 1.38 billion people who currently contribute less than 1% of global annual recorded music revenue, the Chinese market is ripe for growth. This new partnership will not only help Chinese listeners access more international content than ever before, it will also bring top local music from China to the rest of the world.


The Orchard is a pioneering music, film and TV distribution company that operates in more than 25 global markets, including Singapore. With a holistic approach to sales and marketing combined with industry-leading technology and operations, The Orchard amplifies reach and revenue across hundreds of digital, physical and mobile outlets around the world. The Orchard streamlines content owners’ business complexity with an intuitive client dashboard, comprehensive rights management and tailored client support. Founded in 1997, The Orchard empowers businesses and creators in the entertainment industry. For further information, please visit


Taihe Music Group, a global music service provider, is also the representing brand of China’s cultural and creative industries. The perpetual mission and duty of Taihe Music Group is to guide the development of the music industry. For years, depending on excellent influence and creativity, Taihe Music Group has established an ecological system of pan-entertainment which focuses on comprehensive artist services, copyright management, audio-visual services, live performance, interactive fan community, entertainment, integrated marketing and more, providing diversified services for a vast number of users, famous brands and stars and promoting cross-border integrations. Based in mainland China, Taihe Music Group comprises top music labels such as Taihe Rye Music, Ocean Butterflies Music and Touch Publishing as well as interactive service platforms such as Baidu Music, Baidu Musician, Baidu Lebo, Xiudong and Heyinliang.