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Duncan Mighty The Certificate ​Photo by Young Wealth Pictures

Duncan Mighty The Certificate ​Photo by Young Wealth Pictures



The Orchardは業界トップクラスのディストリビューションとレーベルサービスを行う会社であり、世界各地のデジタル配信とパッケージ流通両方の販売店とつながっています。マーケティング、広告、シンクロナイゼーション・ライツ、映像のマネタイズ、演奏権の管理などの分野に特化したデジタルに精通したスタッフがアーティスト及びレーベルと世界中のファンとのつながりをつくります。


The Orchardは業界トップクラスのディストリビューションとレーベルサービスを行う会社であり、世界各地のデジタル配信とパッケージ流通両方の販売店とつながっています。マーケティング、広告、シンクロナイゼーション・ライツ、映像のマネタイズ、演奏権の管理などの分野に特化したデジタルに精通したスタッフがアーティスト及びレーベルと世界中のファンとのつながりをつくります。


Case Study: HURTS “Faith”

London-based English musical duo HURTS released their fifth studio album Faith on September 4, 2020. The overall goal of the campaign was to heighten the awareness around the release of the new album, expand the band’s social presence, and strengthen existing social profiles. (full case study)

Case Study: Wojtek “Atmosphere”

Poland-born, Berlin-based Neoclassical artist and composer Wojtek, released his debut album Atmosphere via The Orchard Artist Services on July 24, 2020. The album was recorded and produced with the sole purpose of releasing a completely carbon neutral record, while inspiring others to reduce their own emissions in a larger effort to raise awareness around the climate crisis. (full case study)

Mini Case Study: Juanfran “Como Llora”

The Orchard and DN7 wanted to give Juanfran’s “Como Llora” single and video maximum visibility through a comprehensive digital marketing and advertising strategy. The teams got to work, growing Juanfran’s Spotify following through a pre-save campaign and expanding his fanbase across Spain, Latin America, and the United States on TikTok. (full case study)

Mini Case Study: Kara Marni “Young Heart”

Named Complex Ones to Watch of 2020 and 2019’s Vogue’s One To Watch, London-based R&B singer Kara Marni (First Access Entertainment) released her single “Young Heart” on July 17, 2020. As the lead up to her upcoming brand new EP, “Young Heart” features US multi-platinum record selling artist Russ. (full case study)

Case Study: Joyner Lucas ‘ADHD’

Two-time GRAMMY nominated rapper Joyner Lucas’ ADHD debut album campaign started on October 19, 2018 with the release of “Devil’s Work” culminating the full length album ADHD on March 26, 2020. (full case study)

Case Study: Orla Gartland ‘Freckle Season’

Dublin-born London-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Orla Gartland started building her YouTube audience at 15 or 16 years old, performing covers of songs from her favorite artists, just a few weeks after learning how to play the guitar. (full case study)

Case Study: Skepta “Ignorance Is Bliss”

UK rapper and producer Skepta released his highly-anticipated fifth album Ignorance Is Bliss on May 31, 2019 via his label Boy Better Know and distributed via The Orchard, cementing himself once again top of the UK albums and singles chart. (full case study)

Case Study: Silya & The Bad Santas ‘Happy Holidaze’

“Christmas music which is a bit out of the ordinary.”  That’s what Norway’s Silya & The Sailors set out to create for fans this past November, renaming themselves Silya & The Bad Santas and releasing the tinsel-charged holiday album, Happy Holidaze. (full case study)

Nothing “Tired of Tomorrow”

Alt rock/shoegaze band Nothing has a strong base of passionate fans, giving us the opportunity to focus on fan interaction to promote the band’s second studio release, Tired of Tomorrow [Relapse Records]. Through social media tactics, our campaign was based on giving dedicated fans something they can participate in, share and interact with. (full case study)