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Instagram Post 2020-06-26 15:38:49

June 26, 2020

Music gives creatives their own space to talk – let’s see what they have to say. ⁣

South London hailing singer-songwriter @egoellamay presents her new full length album ‘Honey For Wounds.’ With a jazzy and neo-soulful style, ‘Honey For Wounds’ is laced with tales of self-healing, protest, love, loss, global issues, and more.⁣

Maybe you’ve been following the West Coast hip-hop duo @blimesandgab for some time, or maybe you only just discovered them from their recent sync on HBO’s @insecurehbo – either way you’re in for some fun. Blimes and Gab have something to say – so we’ll let their new album ‘Talk About It’ do the talking. ⁣

If you miss live music as much as us, then definitely give @zatakiwon’s new album ‘Shö Live in Toronto’ a listen. The Canadian-South African singer-songwriter showcases her signature sound of spoken word blended with hip-hop, soul, house, and 70’s pop. ⁣ ⁣
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