The Orchard Video Services take the future of TV head-on, using our expertise to grow both your audio and video business on YouTube. As a YouTube Certified Company, we help you assert your rights, develop a lasting connection with your fans and, ultimately, make more money.


In order to generate revenue in today’s high-tech world, we need to keep up with equally high-tech solutions.

  • Fingerprint and Metadata Sync: We’ve automated the audio file and metadata delivery process that gets your content fingerprinted in a fast and scalable manner, helping YouTube recognize your music accurately so that we can monetize it for you without delay.
  • B.A.C.O.N.: Short for Bulk Automated Claiming for The Orchard Network, we’ve built a proprietary, one-of-a-kind technology that automatically recognizes and monetizes your YouTube videos. Video data then gets integrated directly into The Orchard Workstation, enabling fast payment and analysis through a single source, and allowing you to focus on creating new and exciting content.

Rights Management

Effective operations and conflict resolution is an exact science, and we’ve got it down to an art.

  • UGC Affairs: We monetize all user-uploaded content that contains your music or videos, turning piracy into one of your top revenue streams and ensuring that you don’t miss out on any lucrative opportunities.
  • Conflicts and Disputes: We’ve got your back with dedicated support to handle all conflicts between partners and disputes that arise from YouTube’s one billion monthly unique visitors
  • Quality Control: Always on point when it comes to maximizing monetization, our experts ensure YouTube’s system has the right data with the right settings.

Content Strategy

Whether you’re creating an original show, streaming a concert, showing off your favorite skateboarding techniques, or premiering a music video it’s important to properly communicate your vision to build and retain your audience.

  • Channel Analysis: Get feedback on performance and tailored suggestions on how to make your channel the best that it can be.
  • Audience Development: Convert casual YouTube viewership into a subscriber base of repeat viewers.
  • Cross Promotion and Collaboration: Mining the breadth of the community we’ve built over the years, we bring you opportunities to cross promote within our client base.
  • Graphic Design: Upgrade your page with professional graphic design.
  • Creative Development: Always on top of the latest tips on format, length, content optimization and more, we work with you to develop your vision and talent to fit YouTube’s formula for success.

Programming & Optimization

It may be a buzzword, but we focus on making your YouTube business as effective as possible.

  • Search Optimization: As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube needs to be navigated with care. Using video tagging, clear titling and other creative tricks, we will ensure your videos appear in all the right search results.
  • Channel Programming: Using playlists and annotations, we help bring an editorial voice to your channel.
  • Consolidated Accounting: It’s a numbers game, and it can be a confusing one at times. Review your accounting alongside the rest of your streaming and download data in our consolidated dashboard.

Owned & Operated Channels

For select genres and categories, we’re building our own branded channels where we can use our established network to increase visibility for your films and videos.

  • Channels: Using licensed content for all our channels, we’ve started with music and branched out into niche genres, with lots more to come.
  • Distribution: We’re not limiting our reach to just YouTube. Our channels will also be available on other platforms like Hulu and Xbox, building audiences around the web and around the world.
  • Consumer Marketing: By marketing our channels directly to consumers, we’re building the destinations we own so we can release select curated content from our client base to our 5 million subscribers.

Client Support

At the core of our company are Orchardites, digital natives from all over who you will come to rely on as part of your team. We have the largest client-to-staff ratio out of any distribution company — including a dedicated, officially certified YouTube team with expertise in genre and category programming and strategy — and we pride ourselves on being accessible, nimble and passionate. We’re inherently invested in your business, which means we put your success at the forefront of everything we do.

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