As your end-to-end digital solution, we act as an extension of your team and offer a platform to serve as the back office of your creative business. Your audience’s screen – whether big or small – has never been closer.

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Distribution Network

With digital distribution in our DNA, our relationships with film services like iTunes, Hulu and Google Play date back to their launch. As part of our offering, we set up direct billing, marketing and business relationships to ensure the most streamlined experience. Our custom-built delivery platform revolutionizes the way your film flows through the digital ecosystem, packaged to each store’s preferences on the fly and sent over secure, high-bandwidth internet delivery. We’ve broken down the walls of the geographically segmented film industry by offering one solution for true global reach.

Sales & Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing teams use their expertise and relationships to secure best placement for our films in digital storefronts. We pitch and program films at highly selective outlets and organize creative and strategic merchandising campaigns, resulting in high profile banner features, front page placement, pricing promotions and other tricks of the trade that ultimately increase your sales.

  • Facilitate discovery: We drive visibility and sales at digital retail storefronts and streaming services, secure editorial features and critic reviews, execute targeted online advertising and search engine optimization efforts to ensure your releases are front-and-center.
  • Grow your sales: Tailor your release strategies with unique products such as eye-catching film page backgrounds and branded “rooms” to exclusive making-of and behind-the-scenes material. Add pre-orders, windowing support and flexible pricing to that, and we have all the tools you need to drive your sales.
  • Convert piracy to revenue: We identify user uploaded videos on YouTube that match your film or trailer, claim ownership and apply advertisements immediately and automatically using fingerprinting technology.

Client Dashboard

The Orchard Workstation is a transparent, user-friendly platform that offers robust content management, marketing and financial tools while you retain complete control of your business. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll access:

  • Release Builder

    Set up your film releases by adding metadata, chapters, credits, ratings and artwork. We’ve made the process fast and painless, ensuring everything meets store requirements.

    Watch this video to learn more.

  • Analytics

    Identify trends and patterns in your digital sales and streaming data at stores like iTunes, Xbox and Hulu in real-time through detailed breakdowns, charts, comparisons and an iTunes sales heat map by zipcode.

    Watch this video to learn more.

  • Accounting

    Access your statements and revenue breakdown charts quickly and easily for each statement cycle, slicing sales by film, revenue model, territory and more.

    Watch this video to learn more.

  • User Management

    Control your users’ access to the areas mentioned above, enabling you to keep your accounting details hidden from the production coordinator who sets up your releases.

Rights Management

When it comes to the legalities of licensing, the details of insurance, the complexities of pricing and the negotiations around business terms, you can rely on us to be a trusted partner. From our robust rights management system to our business development chops, we know not only which stores to work with but which stores not to work with, protecting your intellectual property and ensuring you get paid on time.

Client Support

At the core of our company are Orchardites, digital natives from around the world who you will rely on as part of your team. We have the largest client-to-staff ratio out of any distribution company and pride ourselves on being accessible, nimble and passionate. We’re inherently invested in your business, which means we put your success at the forefront of everything we do.