Management Team

  • Richard Gottehrer

    Founder & Chief Creative Officer

    Richard Gottehrer is the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of The Orchard. Richard began his career in the music industry as a songwriter, penning classics such as “My Boyfriend’s Back” and “I Want Candy” and was an artist in the 1960s pop group, The Strangeloves. In 1966, he co-founded leading independent record label Sire Records with fellow luminary Seymour Stein. Later, Richard went on to make a name as a multi-platinum producer for well-known music acts, including Blondie, The Go-Go’s, The Raveonettes and Joan Armatrading before co-founding The Orchard in 1997. Today, Richard heads Blue Horizon, one of The Orchard’s premier labels, and Instant Records, which was originally founded in the 1970s and revived in 2013 in partnership with long-time business partner and Orchard co-founder Scott Cohen. Through these, Richard supervises recordings of The Black Angels and Dion for Blue Horizon, and Au Revoir Simone, Queen Kwong, Princess Superstar, Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas for Instant Records. He also produces The Dum Dum Girls for Sub Pop and has worked with The Raveonettes since their inception. His motto is, and has always been “Move forward, even in times of adversity. Move forward.”

  • Colleen Theis

    Chief Operating Officer

    As COO, Colleen oversees all client-facing departments for the company’s global digital and physical distribution business, including Client Relations, Acquisition & Retention, Sales & Marketing, and Film, TV & Advertising. She also oversees the UK and European teams. Prior to joining The Orchard, Colleen was Senior Vice President, International of ADA Global. She spent 12 years in London, expanding her international marketing role with Rykodisc and Palm Pictures. Colleen got her start in the music industry in Elektra Records’ international department. She is the proud owner of a ridiculously huge and eclectic record collection (with a particular focus on the New Romantic era) as well as a tattered and tattooed passport, having traveled to some countries no longer found on modern maps in the pursuit of music.

  • Josh Builder

    Chief Technology Officer

    As Chief Technology Officer, Josh oversees product strategy and technology design, engineering, content management and delivery systems for The Orchard. Josh first started to build the Product Development team in 2009 and orchestrated a new structure for The Orchard’s development methodologies and engineering tactics. Prior to The Orchard, Josh managed North East Product Management at T-Mobile, and served as developer at Cingular Wireless, where he was an integral part in developing their engineering dashboards. Josh holds a BS in Information Systems & Economics from Carnegie Mellon. He has been collecting records since his early teens and proudly displays an old school record player in his office, despite being surrounded by digital every day.

  • Lee Westerfield

    Chief Financial Officer

    Lee Westerfield serves as CFO of The Orchard, overseeing Finance and Strategy activities worldwide. He leads the company’s corporate development, tax and accounting, revenue intelligence, capital management and finance teams. Prior to becoming an Orchardite, Lee was CFO of appMobi, a pioneering HTML5 mobile app development platform sold to Intel in 2013. For the better part of his career, though, Lee served as an Internet and Media equity research analyst on Wall Street for UBS and later BMO. Foreshadowing his passion for media, his first job out of college involved launching cable network ventures for TimeWarner. Lee holds a B.A. from Yale University and an M.B.A. from Columbia. Despite trying his best to conquer this fact, he learned early on in life that you can’t be in two places at the same time when he attended Aida with his Dad in New York and missed The Who with his sister in New Haven.

  • Alexis Shapiro

    SVP & General Counsel

    As General Counsel, Alexis Shapiro oversees all legal affairs and risk management at The Orchard and supervises new business initiatives. Prior to joining the company in 2008, Alexis served as Senior Associate at Pryor Cashman LP for 6 years, and is a member of the New York City Bar Association. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Smith College and an LLM from Boston College Law School. Alexis plays the piano – but has a long-standing secret wish to play guitar – and listens to just about every kind of music, with a weakness for good old fashioned rock.

  • Paul Davidson

    SVP, Film & TV

    As SVP of Film & TV, Paul Davidson leads The Orchard’s Film and Television business, driving the company’s value to filmmakers and supporting a fast-growing slate of award-winning films. Prior to The Orchard, Paul led Microsoft’s Xbox Video service, establishing it as a major player in the digital arena by growing the business across game consoles, Windows devices and throughout the web, and supervising the global EST and VOD business for studios, networks and content aggregators. Paul’s background also includes production experience in unscripted programming for FOX, ABC and MTV as well as in theatrical distribution and production with New Line Cinema and The Jim Henson Company. He graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in Film Studies and is a two-time published author.

  • Scott Cohen

    Founder & VP, International

    Scott Cohen, Co-Founder and VP, International of The Orchard, began his music career in the late 1980s in independent and major label artist management. Over the years, Scott has earned a reputation as a well-recognized public speaker and lecturer, traveling the world sharing his experience and insight into the digital age and its new business models. In addition to building The Orchard’s distribution business, Scott oversees Orchard Management, which manages the careers of The Raveonettes, Dum Dum Girls, Deer Tracks, and Queen Kwong, and advises a host of other established and emerging artists. He is also a visiting professor at London Metropolitan University, and sits on the BPI Council. Scott is a minimalist and strict vegan. That means no meat, fish, cheese, milk, honey, leather, wool, or anything else derived from an animal.

  • Prashant Bahadur

    Senior Vice President, Strategy

    Prashant Bahadur is Senior Vice President, Strategy at The Orchard, where he is responsible for large revenue initiatives and strategic planning for the business. As part of this role, he helps drive growth in developing markets such as Asia, Africa and Latin America. He also oversees Business Development, Performance Royalty Collections and Compilations. Prashant began his career with PepsiCo in sales and marketing, and later moved to EMI where he worked across the sales, marketing and new media areas. Prashant holds an MBA in Marketing from Delhi University and has a Masters of Arts from Syracuse University. He enjoys his travel, with long road trips and semi-backpacking across tropical lands, and sometimes reminiscences about when he used to actively perform in a band.